Health and Safety

The safety and well-being of our people continues to be an absolute priority, wherever we work and whatever we do. Our expectation, quite simply, is that everyone at Civic goes home safely at the end of the working day. Civic’s Health and Safety Policy documents our intentions and responsibilities around providing a safe working environment for our employees, customers and the public.

Civic management’s’ five core safety values:

•   All injuries can be prevented
•   Everyone is responsible for injury prevention
•   Working safely is a condition of employment
•   No H&S induction, no start
•   If it isn’t safe, don’t do it

All staff are expected to be safety role models and to address ‘at risk’ behaviours when they are observed.
Training and employing skilled staff is an important factor in preventing harm to our employees and others. At Civic, we provide access to appropriate training and professional development for people at all levels of the company so they have the skills, knowledge and competence to fulfill their roles.

To view our Health & Safety policy please click on link Civic Health & Safety Policy