Environment and Sustainability

Civic is committed to being a responsible, sustainable business. Our sustainability strategy fully embraces our commitment to corporate responsibility and is an integral part of the way we do business – the Civic Way.

We have been early adopters, and will continue to champion sustainability initiatives, having already recorded ‘wins’ such as:

•   Deploying 100% electric powered vehicles  – we have the only all-electric compact sweeper in Australasia.
•   Environmental washbay – that filters and recycles water, drawing no water from city system nor discharging into waste-water system.
•   Development of our own drain and storm-water protection covers for street events.
•   Fabricating our own steam cleaning equipment designed to operate soundlessly at night in the CBD environment without impact on the growing population of inner-city residents.

•   The use of recycled paint in our graffiti service.

Our Environment Policy seeks the combined efforts of all of our people to ensure the effectiveness and success of our approach to environmental sustainability.

To view our Enviromental policy please click on link Civic Environmental Policy