Graffiti Control and Removal

Civic Contractors provide a comprehensive range of world-leading graffiti protection, maintenance and control solutions designed to allow fast removal of graffiti without damage to assets.

With a fleet of dedicated vehicles, we utilise a proprietary line of graffiti removal products that are capable of removing nearly all types of graffiti from most substrates. Our removers are environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, non-caustic and are neutralised with water.

Our operators have years of specialist experience to ensure that they only ever use the correct product for the problem so that the surface is not damaged during the cleaning process.

Our staff utilise steam and pressure washing equipment to assist in graffiti removal. Our specialist steam equipment is less invasive than water-blasting equipment and more effective in removing graffiti from a broader range of surfaces.

In addition to removal, our services also include a range of sacrificial and permanent protective coatings for wood, concrete, granite, plastic, metal and brick surfaces and allow for zero impact removals.

We partner with local trusts and charities to enable and help communities with the ongoing problem with graffiti. Through our support and advice we help beautify and improve communities.

Our graffiti removal services cover:

•  Anti-graffiti protective coating applications
•  Commercial building graffiti removal
•  Graffiti prevention and management plans
•  Public and street areas graffiti removal
•  Steam and pressure washing