Mechanical Scrubbing

Mechanical scrubbing (wet and dry) is a service that Civic Contractors has been providing for 10 years.

Wet scrubbing provides excellent results and complements our mechanical sweeping services. Mechanical scrubbing assists in removing oil and grease stains, gum, mould, vegetation and other unwanted dirt from a broad variety of substrates and helps prevent the build up of dirt and grime.

Our state-of-the-art scrubbing machines enable us to cover large areas in a timely fashion, while protecting our waterways by ‘picking up’ the water used in the scrubbing process. Additionally and depending on the task, the machines can also run with bio-degradable detergent.

Our equipment consists of:

•  Compact cabin scrubbers (Hako)
•  Ride-on scrubbers (Tennant)

Our scrubbing services can cover:

•  Car parks & parking buildings
•  Building entrances & surrounds
•  Factory floors & warehouses
•  Malls & town centres
•  Pavement cleaning