Public Facilities Cleaning

Civic has been providing effective and efficient toilet and changing room cleaning services in city and parks environments since the business began in 1987. Our systems and methodologies have grown and developed in response to more demanding standards, from our customers, particularly in high profile public and tourist areas.

Currently we perform over 150,000 cleans per annum on over 300 facilities around Auckland; some of which have up to 4 cleans per day.

Our amenities services cover:

•  Public toilets
•  Public changing rooms
•  Beachside facilities
•  Public areas and sports court cleaning and sweeping
•  Consumables replacement and replenishment
•  Flood clean up
•  Plumbing services

We understand importance and need in ensuring public facilities are at their best and usable by the public each day. From peak summer demands to winter impact, we have the experience and capability in maintaining toilet and changing room facilities.