Steam and pressure washing

Civic Contractors provides hot (‘steam’) and cold pressure washing services. Our steam cleaning equipment is market leading.  We have been providing steam cleaning services to our customer base for over 20 years.

Our in-house designed and built, mobile steam cleaning/pressure washing units enable us to effectively and efficiently remove gum and deep-seated stains from hard surfaces, including pavements, public spaces, stone and asphalt.

Civic operate mobile, environmentally friendly steam cleaning units from specially customised vehicles with their own power and water supply. We also have noise-cancelling units and equipment that ‘pick up’ waste water – minimising impact on our water ways and the environment.

Our pressure washing services can be utilised in public, industrial, commercial and residential areas and are ideal for businesses with high levels of pedestrian and vehicle activity – including store fronts, shopping centres, petrol station forecourts, loading docks and carparks.

We have a range of machines to meet all of your requirements – from truck based units to mobile units for use indoors.

Our range of work includes:

•  Steam cleaning concrete, paving and paths
•  Commercial driveway and carpark cleaning
•  Graffiti removal
•  Application of anti-moss coating
•  Building washing
•  Steam cleaning of waste compactors, bin storage and cart dock areas
•  Chewing gum removal