Sweeping Services

Civic has been providing mechanical sweeping services to local councils and private sector organisations for more than 20 years.

Our sweeping equipment is the best available, consisting of:

•  Road Sweepers – Regenerative (Schwarze)
•  Compact cabin sweepers (Green Machine and Hako)
•  Ride-on sweepers (Hako)
•  Walk-behind sweepers (Green Machine)
•  Full-electric compact sweeper (Green Machine 500ze)

Our sweeping services can cover:

•  Kerb and channel cleaning
•  Car park cleaning
•  Reseal chip removal
•  Pavements, paths and bike-paths
•  Sports grounds (hard court)
•  Footpath/factory sweeping
•  Magnetic sweeping – collection of metals
•  Major event cleaning

Our specialised equipment provides:

•  Higher standards of finish
•  Higher frequency of cleaning due to mobility of equipment
•  Efficient operations providing cost savings to customers
•  Fast response to call outs
•  Minimal impact on the public and the environment