Hard Surface Cleaning

Our hard surface cleaning capabilities include mechanical scrubbing and pressure washing. We have wet and dry scrubbing equipment as well as steam and cold water pressure washing equipment.

Wet scrubbing provides excellent results and complements a sweeping service. Mechanical scrubbing assists in removing oil and grease stains, gum, mould, vegetation and other unwanted dirt. Regular scrubbing prevents the build up of dirt and grime.

Our state-of-the-art scrubbing machines are extremely mobile enabling us to cover large areas in quick timeframes, while protecting our waterways by ‘picking up’ the water used in the scrubbing process.
Our in-house designed and built, mobile steam cleaning/water blasting units enable us to effectively and efficiently remove gum and deep-seated stains from hard surfaces, including pavements, public spaces, stone and asphalt. Our pressure washing services are ideal for businesses with high levels of pedestrian and vehicle activity – including store fronts, shopping centres, petrol station forecourts, loading docks, and carparks.

Our typical range of work includes:

•   Steam cleaning concrete, paving and paths
•   Footpath/factory sweeping
•   Commercial driveway and carpark cleaning
•   Malls and public areas
•   Graffiti removal
•   Preparation and application of anti-moss and anti-graffiti coating
•   Building washing
•   Building foyer and surrounds
•   Steam cleaning of waste compactors, bin storage and cart dock areas
•   Chewing gum removal